Bay City church opens their 1800's time capsule

This is where the time capsule was chiseled out from the churches cornerstone.

The time capsule is more than 120 years old and its unlocking the rich history of the first Presbyterian Church and Bay City.

"I have been a member of this church my whole life. I was baptized here I got married here and to see this historic moment while Iâ??m standing here cause this a 121 years old who knows if they wait another 50 years I might not be here to see it," said church deacon Wade Lodewyk.

Lodewyk is eager to crack open the lead box entombed behind the churchâ??s corner stone.

"Most of it was just hammer and chisel they used they knew what they were doing and if you look at it they did not hurt the integrity of the church at all," said Lodewyk.

Before today, church members had only speculated what could be in the box.

"Judge Albert Miller we believe wrote a paper which is in the time capsule," said Lodewyk.

And sure enough they found an 1800â??s document written by Miller, one of Bay Cityâ??s earliest pioneers.

"1856 in the shape of a church of eight members he has increased the number of their membership and enriched them with his spirit to enable them to erect a beautiful temple," read Geraldine Higgs out of Millerâ??s document.

Millerâ??s document is one of dozens now under the churches roof for the first time, rather than between its walls, for the first time in more than a century.

"Just me being a part of the church so long is very exciting to be a part of this," said Lodewyk.

One of the first suggestions for the new time capsule going in is taking digital copies of what they found in this one for the next hundred years.