Bay City Commission meets with firefighters' union for contract talks

Bay City officials are meeting now to discuss firefighter contracts. This comes as the first of two groups of police officers graduate from Bay County Fire Academy next month.

The city and fire union are meeting at the cities temporary city hall where City Manager Dana Muscott says an executive session with attorneys will discuss the status of the contract talks.

This meeting comes as a dozen of newly cross trained recruits are scheduled to join the merged forces.

Bay City residents say they are happy progress has been made and are optimistic about getting their public safety issues under control, and, saving the city nearly two million dollars annually by 2017.

"They are valuable you know. They keep the town running keep us protected so its very important," said bay city resident Bethany Robinson.

The firefighters existing deal expires June 30th. By 2014 city hopes to have cross-trained more than 30 police officers as firefighters.