Bay City commissioners approve renovation plan for Wenonah Park

Bay City residents learned the fate of proposed renovations at Wenonah Park Monday. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

BAY CITY, Mich. - Bay City residents learned the fate of proposed renovations at Wenonah Park Monday.

The possibility of these improvements have nearly divided the city.

Bay City commissioners voted on the project tonight during a special meeting.

Commissioners voted 8 to 1 to approve the master plan for Wenonah Park and move forward with the project.

The downtown development authority presented their master plan tonight for renovations to Wenonah Park.

Commissioners asked questions of the DDA then opened the floor for public comment and that’s where the debate began.

Public comment went on for more than two hours.

Several residents were for and several against the upgrades.

The project's manager says a family donated $1 million and other foundations gave $220,000.

That covers a pavilion and an ancillary building.

The DDA says they’ll put in an additional $800,000 to help with a band shell and an updated front entrance.

Ultimately commissioners voted to allow construction to move forward.

Not everyone is happy with the outcome.

“It's needed in the downtown area to help bring more people into the downtown area for the restaurants and retail and so on,” said bay city commissioner Lynn Stamiris.

here's a lot of misinformation saying that city funds are being used to fund this whole thing and there is not city money being used and no tax dollars are being used it's all from donations and foundations."

Now that the project is approved the DDA says they will go to work right away.

Wenonah Park renovations will take about four to five months to complete once construction starts.

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