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      Bay City construction works through bitter cold

      Multiple construction projects in Bay City are relying on continuing production through the winter. The frigid air bearing down on Mid-Michigan is not hindering blue collar workers in Bay City.

      "They are a great bunch of guys getting the job done in this weather. Pretty dedicated trying to get it done on time," said construction worker Jeremy Perkins.

      The Mill End Loftsâ?? $7.5 million complex is on schedule for completion by April 1st.

      "Very cold, sub zero it felt like in wind chill," said Vernon Brown.

      Contractors say they are taking the necessary precautions; putting safety in the forefront of their operation.

      "Mainly guys got to cover up to protect their skin, hats gloves, go in the shanty to get warm every half hour or so," said Perkins.

      "Thatâ??s all you can do is layer up and keep your gloves on when handling the metal," said Brown.

      The $47,000 square foot building is completing exterior work right on time.

      With no warmer weather in sight these construction workers are looking forward to finishing the outside of the project.