Bay City foreclosed homes put to use

The foreclosed home on East Union Street will be demolished by the city and sold for $1.

Bay City foreclosed homes are getting a new look and a new purpose. The city is acquiring a handful of new homes with the intentions of selling them for a dollar.

"There are a lot of memories and I go by the house just about every day and I can see the kids in the bedroom," said former resident Phyllis Curtis.

Curtis remembers raising her five children in this newly tax foreclosed home on East Union Street.

"The house eventually deteriorated and my husband lost his job and got sick,â?? said Curtis.

Itâ??s been five years since the Curtis family left the home.

"It used to be a good house but people kept coming by and damaging more stuff to it,â?? said Kim Curtis.

Now the city is taking control. They plan on demolishing the home and others like it to sell them to organizations like the Habitat for Humanity.

"We offer the property for a dollar. Were able to allow them to build a home on that property and we in turn get taxes so it's a win win," said acting City Manager Dana Muscott.

The tax money from this operation funds the city's infrastructure while providing a roof over the heads of people in need.

"Something to help our community and build these homes for people who really need them is something good for the city," said Muscott.

"It would make a good home, I would enjoy seeing it, itâ??s still a good neighborhood," said Curtis.

Money for the demolition of the acquired foreclosed homes is coming from a statewide grant to eliminate blight. The homes were acquired at no cost to the city.