Bay City Halloween decorations scare and save children

The Potts house in Bay City.

When Halloween comes around, decorations pop-up on many Mid-Michigan lawns.

Decorations for one Bay City household have caused a reaction they never expected.

"A lot of people are coming out with cameras and taking pictures" says Diane Potts the "Co-decorator",

"This is our first year. We did get an anonymous postcard in the mail from someone who said they liked it so that was really cool".

Halloween decorations can be expensive but the Potts say it all comes down to having a plan.

"You have to set a budget, you could go crazy if you went in to a Halloween store" she says.

Stores like Spirit Halloween, scaring up financial support for children who need it more than candy.

Donations taken at any Spirit Halloween store going 100% to sick and injured kids.

"Our company takes the money and they partner with different children's units throughout the United States" says Tim Sporman, manager of the Spirit Halloween in Bay City.

"They really do a nice job of taking care of the kids".

Tim says the goal for this Halloween is $5 million, something Spirit Halloween is close to achieving.