Bay City leaders fight for "wayfinding" signs

Bay City leaders want custom designed blue and white directory signs on top of the traditional green and white street signs across town.

Bay City leaders are hoping the Michigan Department of Transportation (M-DOT) will grant the city a waiver allowing blue and white themed wayfinding signs to be posted across town, showing people and potential tourists to the many community attractions.

The problem? M-DOT requires government signs posted on state roads to be green and white.

Candace Bales, executive director of Bay City TMs Downtown Management and Development Authority told NBC25 the city should be able to post the signs along city streets, but hopes the issue can be resolved.

She said the 20 signs will be primarily constructed around the downtown areas, directing travelers to places such as Veteran TMs Park, and the planetarium for example. Several agencies are sharing the roughly $500,000 between grants, Rotary Club and matching DDA funds designed to be used to get people downtown, Bales said.

Sources inside city hall tell NBC25 the project has yet to be officially bid out to a developer, but that could happen after the color issue is resolved. It is not known when that will happen. Calls to the Michigan Department of Transportation were not immediately returned.