Bay City man says "he saved my life"

Dave Steele (left) is credited with saving Joe Atchinson's life

51 year old Joe Atchinson thought he was fine. But moments later his heart stopped beating.

It happened back in January at the Bay City Health and Family Fitness. Joe, a chaplain with McLaren Bay hospice, was working out. Suddenly he didn't feel well and thought it was because of a workout that was too strenuous. He made it out to his car with his wife, when he really started to go downhill. His wife rushed beck in the fitness center and met up with 35 year old Dave Steele. Steele, a nursing coordinator at McLaren Bay Region, sprang into action.

Dave says he talked to Joe for a while, perhaps 15 minutes. Joe wanted to go home, saying he didn't feel that bad. Dave insisted he get help and called an ambulance. While the ambulance was en route, Joe's heart stopped. Dave started CPR.

When parademics arrived they took over. With quick medical help, Joe was going to be just fine. Although he's a man of the cloth and credits the Lord with his life, he also points to Dave s the man who SAVED his life.

For his efforts, he gave Dave a bible and his thanks. Since then, Dave received the Blue Star award from McLaren.

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