Bay City mayor campaigns for GM

Mayors from across the country, including a few from Mid-Michigan came to bat for the Big Three in Washington this week. Bay City TMs mayor, Charles Brunner was a part of a delegation of roughly 16 mayors.

We knocked on some doors of senators and some congressmen. We wanted to put a face on the concept of loaning to the autos some money to get through some difficult times, Brunner said.

About $25 billion is the need according to internal estimates within General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Brunner said GM TMs Bay City plant contributes about $2.4 million a year to the county budget, and another $1.4 million annually Bay City TMs budget.

It TMs more than taxes, he said. It TMs the workers that work in the plant and spend their money. It TMs just so huge to our community.

The idea came about last week after Lansing Mayor Verg Benero decided to get a number of local officials together from across the country. In Washington, Brunner TMs group was met with representatives from dealerships and parts suppliers as well. He said it was a multi-faceted team, delivering an important message.

If this industry is allowed to go under, the Center for Automotive Research estimates three million jobs would be lost. It would have a tremendous ripple affect. They are asking for $25 billion and I think it TMs crucial that they get that capital, Brunner said.