Bay City Police warning residents about increase in break-ins

The Bay City Police Department is warning resident to be extra careful after a recent increase in home break-ins.

An increase in home break-ins has police warning people to take extra precautions to help prevent the crime.

The Bay City Police Department says it has recently seen more home buglaries and is asking people to be extra cautious. Police are not saying if any specific neighborhoods are being targeted.

No matter where you live, there are small things you can do that make a big difference. Officers say the best thing you can do is tell a trusted neighbor when you are leaving. If they can get your mail and make it look like your property is not being neglected that goes a long way in scaring off criminals.

Police also say be careful who knows your schedule and hold off on posting those vacation photos on social media websites because it is advertisings the fact that you are not at your home.

People living in one neighborhood on the city's west side say there is an even greater risk around the Fourth of July holiday.

â??They leave their homes to go down to the fireworks. That is a concern but we normally keep a light on. Make sure it looks like somebody is home,â?? said Bay City resident Mary Jakubczak.

Officers say lock up your valuables to avoid tempting a thief. Also, if you see anything suspicious let police know so they can investigate.