Bay City water main construction on hold

Water main construction beneath Salzberg road in Bay City remains on hold after bacteria was discovered in the water.

Workers spent the weekend attempting to clean the new main after bacteria was discovered in several tests last week.

A test taken over the weekend came back today with a clean reading and another test is scheduled to be received tomorrow.

If the second test is passed, construction can then resume on the water main.

Water being supplied to residents is safe to drink and use since it is still being pumped through the old main.

The construction itself is the major headache for residents and store owners.

"We've got kids in our parking lot and right now we've got traffic including semi's and work trucks just barreling through to the opposite side of our parking lot" says Family Video manager Melissa Karbowski.

Tom Janowicz, a Bay City resident is being patient but hopes the issues get resolved sooner rather than later.

"Well we understand that its gonna be delayed for a few more weeks, and I hope they get it resolved pretty soon".

If the final test is passed tomorrow, construction is expected to be completed within the next month.