Bay County crews clean up after storm

Residents in Bay County's Mt. Forest Township are surprised at how selective the storm was. On one side of a street, four evergreens in a row were uprooted. The next tree over had no damage at all.

"It sounded like a freight train," says Mt. Forest Township resident Penny Reetz. "I was upstairs and my husband told me 'Get down stairs' and all that happened just quick."

Many of the homes in the area do not have basements, just crawl spaces.

Reetz says she was, "Very lucky because we have some huge trees that could have hit the house that didn't."

Phyllis Milostan has lived here 42 years. She has never seen anything like this. She says, in 20 seconds winds cut five rows of trees in half.

Her roof is ruffled in the front with shingles missing in the back.

The wind was so loud she never heard the trees come down.

A tree in her front yard fell the right way, dinging her front door, but missing her house.

"We were very fortunate," says Reetz.