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      Bay County under local state of emergency, water restrictions for residents

      Bay County has declared a local state of emergency due to a water main break over the weekend..

      O fficials reported a leak Saturday night, saying the water treatment plant showed a high demand.

      Workers are still trying to figure out what the problem is.

      The B ay County water system has lost nearly 12 million gallons of water over the weekend.

      T he system is currently running off of reserve tanks.

      T he local state of emergency will remain in effect until the leak has been found, and the "water use emergency" lifted.

      N eighbors can only use water for cooking, drinking and personal hygiene.

      T he next step for Bay County is continuous monitoring to make sure Bay County residents remain safe..

      H ere are a few communities that are not affected by this ban :

      The city of Auburn, Village of Linwood, and Frankenlust Township west of I-75.

      For official information in regard to the water main break and state of emergency CLICK HERE