Beautiful Fathers Day weekend and a look at the St. Charles tornado

This weekend is going to be fantastic.

We really can't seem to lose when it comes to weekends recently can we?

Ok, breaking down Saturday we have mid 70's for our highs by the late afternoon with a calmer breeze and plenty of sun.

Sunday, same deal but clouds begin to roll in late ahead of our next cold front.

This front, it has the smallest impact of any cold front I have seen with temperatures but wow, it's future impacts could be substantial.

Let me explain, Monday helps to define what Tuesday will bring.

Right now a couple models are suggesting some strong storms are possible and we should have all the ingredients.

The more moisture we add with showers to the ground Monday just adds more moisture to evaporate Tuesday.

Any scenario for Tuesday cannot be finalized right now, not by a long shot because it will be affected GREATLY on the small scale, more localized.

Basically, get ready to get storms but stick with us all weekend as I keep my eyes on what Tuesday could bring.

My gut says we'll get at least a couple chances at a severe storm, but I'm not going to make that call yet, there just isn't enough data.

The rest of the week is the same but not as big of a threat.

Low pressure stalls to our north and just spirals showers and storms through all the way to Friday.

We will be hot, that is a fact.

We will be really humid, also a fact, yuck.

Main thing to do is just keep an eye on our website and social media pages and of course tune in to the newscasts for updates on what next week may bring.

ALSO, check out the image of the color enhanced tornado from St. Charles this week.

As far as I know, this is the only picture taken by anyone where the tornado is actually visible because the gray scale rain has been removed with the enhancement.

Enjoy the weekend!