"Bee Sting" supporters launch fundraising campaign for legal defense

Adam Besso, also known as "Bee Sting", is trying to raise money for his legal defense after being arrested on Thursday.

Supporters of the costumed crime watch volunteer known as "Bee Sting" are trying to raise money for his legal defense and release from jail.

As of Wednesday morning, the online fundraiser has raised a little over $212 towards Adam Besso's legal defense.

Besso, who goes by "Bee Sting", was arraigned Friday on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and wearing body armor during the commission of a violent crime.

Besso was arrested on Thursday in Burton and lodged at Genesee County Jail after he allegedly pulled a shotgun on a man at Twin Meadows Mobile Home Park during a disupte over a loud motorcycle. His bond has been set at $80,000 by Genesee District Judge Larry J. Stecco.

Besso was a member of a statewide group of costuemd activists called the Michigan Protectors. His costume consisted of a black and yellow uniform with a matching mask in addition to a bullet-proof vest and a utility belt of first aid supplies. He traveled to Flint and other communities as a superhero in an effort to fight crime.