Bee Sting writes letter to Flint Journal stating "I'm not a superhero"

      Adam Besso goes by the nickname "Bee Sting."

      A costumed ex-member of the Michigan Protectors group of so-called real-life superheroes who is facing an assault case says he's just trying to help others with crime-fighting efforts.

      Adam Besso goes by the nickname "Bee Sting." The 36-year-old Sterling Heights resident was charged following the discharge of a shotgun in a Flint-area mobile home park.

      Besso wrote in a letter from jail to The Flint Journal that he rejects the concept of vigilantism and doesn't pretend to be a superhero.

      A judge last month ruled there was enough evidence to send Besso's case to Genesee County Circuit Court.

      Besso was arrested in April in Burton. Police have said Besso was wearing a bulletproof vest, a black leather jacket with a bee logo, shin guards and knee pads.

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