Beechers Schools prepare for year-round school

School will no longer be "out for summer" in one school district.

Beecher Schools are switching to a year-round calendar.

It's a change that school officials say will create a stronger learning environment and cut back on what they call Summer learning loss.

The move makes the district the first in Genesee County to transition to year-round-school.

Students will still attend class 180 days out of the year with breaks spread throughout the school year.

Two years ago Beecher High School and Tucker Elementary School were ranked in the bottom 5% in the state.

School leaders hope the balanced calendar will promote learning and academic improvement by doing away with a lengthy Summer vacation.

"What happens is the kids will come back and for he first month of school you're re-teaching everything you just taught because of the the summer learning loss. The goal is to eliminate that loss so kids can have more success academically over a prolonged period of time," said Superintendent, Dr. Josha Talison, Beecher Community Schools.

Dr. Talison said 90% of parents are supportive of the change.

The first day of classes begins August 20th.

That's three weeks earlier than when students would usually head back to school.