Beet truck overturns, shuts down roadway

A beet truck has overturned in Bay City.

A beet truck has overturned on Euclid Avenue near Salzburg Avenue in Bay City.

The driver of the beet truck said he lost control of the truck while making a left turn onto Euclid. The driver said he felt the beets shift before the truck went over. He was heading to the beet processing plant nearby. The driver is in good condition.

The beets came from Gera at the sugar beet piling grounds. The truck was carrying between 18 and 20 tons of sugar beets. Because the beets were frozen, they are salvageable.

The Bay City police and the Michigan State Police responded to the accident, along with the Bay City Fire Department.

There was a minor fuel leak, but that has been cleaned up.

The Bay City Fire Department said that with the Winter as bad as it has been, they are fortunate not to have seen more accidents like this.

Right now Euclid is closed for one block south of Salzburg. Drivers are asked to seek an alternate route.