Behind on property taxes? Help is available

Deb Cherry

If you stil haven't paid your property taxes from 2010 in Genesee County, don't panic yet, but the county treasurer says the deadline is approaching.

Deb Cherry said on NBC 25 Today, she can't lower the taxes or eliminate them altogether.

But you can set up a so-called payment plan if you are still behind in paying those taxes.

Cherry says the deadline is April 1st. After that, the county will proceed with foreclosing on local properties.

Cherry admits it's a part of her job she doesn't like.

The county will work with property owners who are behind on their taxes. And Cherry says the state has a new program to help out as well. You can get more information here,4676,7-238-43535_55601---,00.html

Traditionally, there is a long line of people at the county treasurers office on March 31st, of people paying those taxes at the last minute.