Behind the scenes of NBC 25 Today

Zombies, crepes and a Rose Bowl ring? Yup we had it all on Thursday's NBC 25 Today.

This isn't meant to be a shameless plug for our morning show, that airs from 5 till 7 am weekdays. Instead I wanted to show you what's in a typical broadcast for us.

On this Thursday, the Detroit Tigers just lost in a playoff game, so it was a little depressing going in. It's one thing to to get rocked with big hits throughout the game. But the Tigers had this one in the bag going into the 9th. Jose Valverde blew it. Plus our internet managing editor and sports guru, Jared Smith was off on this day. Yikes, nobody to talk sports with. I'll have to rely on the fabulous Liz MacFarland and Ty Shesky to make this show sing. How can we put people in a good mood, first thing in the morning?

For starters bring in some zombies. Brett Dickie (see picture) was zombie-fied, to promote an event n Saginaw County this weekend.

Since we have our own kitchen, we're always bringing in cool local chefs. At one point when I was reading news when the whole studio smelled like bacon. Rob McCollugh from the Flint Crepe Company was in making great food to start our day. I hadn't eaten breakfast, so his crepes really hit the spot. Plus Rob is so much fun. (see picture) Our staff really loves him.

Then there was the Rose Bowl ring. Chris Hamilton was in from the Old Newsboys of Flint. He used to play football for Purdue, like a gazillion years ago. He played in the Rose Bowl. And yes they gave him a snazzy ring. He was promoting a wrestling event for Old Newsboys with Fr. Time, another favorite of mine. Fr. Time's real name is Leo Napier. He's a minister and is legally blind. He is also so much fun. I could totally hang with him anytime.

We also talked to our travel expert John Schmidt from Superior Travel abut a trip to Aruba. Sorry, I just had to mention Natalie Holloway. But the video from the beach: take me there!

Getting up at quarter of early is no treat. Being ready to work at the station at 3 am is also no picnic. But being part of this morning program is a blast. Yes, at times it's a 3-ring circus. And I'm the ringmaster. But it's organized fun. Plus news of the day. If you can't check us out on TV, rest assured, I put pictures on Twitter and Instagram everyday.

One things is clear. We're not boring.

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