Bendle Public School District upgrade depends on millage renewals

Residents vote on millage renewals for school district

Update: August 2nd, 9:50 p.m.

Both millages have passed.

The millage for non-pronciple residents passed 249 yes to 184 no.

The millage for building and site was extremely close. 232 voted yes, 202 voted no.

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The financial stability of Bendle Public Schools depends on the people.

The district stands to lose more than 1.3 million dollars in revenue without the renewal of two tax rates.

I think the residents understand when they come to the polls, and Bendle is asking for a renewal of a millage that they've had for the last 20 to 30 years, that they need it, otherwise they wouldn't ask for it, said Dale Dunsmore who supports renewing the millage levies.

The district needs to replace the roofs to keep the buildings safe and clean.

The millage renewal will also update the interior of the schools and help with operational costs.

Cindy Kimball says she voted yes hoping fans will be replaced by air conditioners in her grandson's classroom.

"It's hot," said Andy Kimball who attends Bendle Schools.

Some students say they want the money to be used to replace lockers and to modernize the school's overall look.

"Nothing matches in this school. All the hallways are completely different. There's nothing new," said Bendle student Taylor Adkisson.

Something they don't want changed is the people who teach here.

"Some of the teachers are really nice, they care about you," said Bendle student Shatana Ninness.

If the renewal passes property owners with a home assessed at $75,000 can expect to keep paying $150 per year.

Voters expect the millage to pass by a landslide.

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