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      Big funding boost headed for program that helps homeless veterans

      Neil Stitt is moving out.

      "Tt's a blessing,?? says Stitt, a Flint native. ??You got to have patience but it's a blessing."

      The U.S. Army veteran was homeless, living at Saginaw??s city rescue mission, until Tuesday.

      ??Moving into my house right now, as we speak,?? says Stitt. ??The mission has been real good."

      Stitt is receiving help from caseworkers like Amanda Jimie of Mid-Michigan Community Action.

      ??We should never say homeless and veteran in the same sentence,?? says Jimie. ??I think that no one who has served our country should go without a stable house."

      Jimie is helping run the Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program. The state-wide program is receiving millions of dollars to ensure veterans have a place to call home.

      ??It helps,?? says Stitt. ??It really do. (sic) And they got all kind of stuff so you don't have to be hungry and I thank God for that."

      ??This is all to work toward self-sufficiency. At the end of the day, it's so that you can afford your housing and be stable,?? says Jimie.

      A stability Stitt says he wouldn't have found if not for the program.

      The Veterans Affairs Department says this program helped place 300 veterans plus their family members into homes across Mid-Michigan and northern Michigan just last year.

      They??re anticipating helping another 300 in the upcoming grant year.

      If you know a veteran who needs help, give Mid-Michigan Community Action a call at 877-204-6152.