Bikers deliver teddy bears to sick children at Covenant in Saginaw

This is the 8th official year bikers have made the trip to covenant donating hundreds of bears.

But for one rider itâ??s her fourth year of honoring someone dear to her.

"I lost my grandson who was 6 years old to Burkittâ??s lymphoma," said biker Joyce Burpee.

Joyce Burpee is saddling up her bike for a trip down I-75 with extra passengers.

"My first year I donated just a few bears that were his and Iâ??ve been here ever since and this year I decided to see how many kids I can make happy and decorate my bike," said Burpee.

Burpee is among hundreds of bikers sharing the same compassion year after year.

"I don't care how tough and how big they are they will stand there holding that bear and you will see bottom lips quivering you will see a tear in eye because they care about the community and these kids," said Great Lakes Harley Davidson General Manager Joe Yax.

Covenant is the regions only level two verified pediatric trauma center and where some Michigan children call home.

"Itâ??s a great feeling to see the kids there getting something that they really need when they are in a situation where they have no control," said Burpee.

I asked these bikers what's underneath the helmet and leather that makes charitable events like the teddy bear ride so special for them.

"I know the kids get a lot out of it but I think we get as much if not more out of it to do it for these kids and our community," said Yax.

"Bikers have big hearts and people just don't realize how big our hearts really are," said Burpee.

Following this yearâ??s strong turnout despite the end of the pig gig. The teddy bear ride looks to continue next summer.

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