Birch Park shooting kills 19 year-old

NBC 25 has learned 19 year-old Darius Gates and Albert Franklin may have been holding hostages for ransom. When police arrived at the complex, more than two hundred opeople were standing around thirty six shell casings, and Gatesâ?? body. Gatesâ?? family is calling for an end to violence

â??Darius was a good hearted person regardless of what people may have thought. That man had a heart that nobody knew. He left behind his children and this has got to stop they have to put an end to this,â?? said Amber Morris.

Franklin was shot in the shoulder and is being held in police custody. Police say theyâ??re keeping him away from any possible retaliation.

â??All it is, is retaliation itâ??s never going to stop,â?? said Shaniqua Brown.

Retaliation for what NBC 25 has learned were men coming to get their friend after they received a phone call demanding money. Those closest to Gates are leaving gifts and notes.

â??We lost a brother and also had a brother get shot on his birthday so thatâ??s why this violence needs to stop,â?? said a friend of Gates.

The Saginaw Police Department is investigating the shooting. Detective Sergeant Joseph Dutoi said, â??thatâ??s a complex that houses many young families, and many young single mothers and a lot of children.â??