Birch Run mobile home community floods and freezes

<p>Cars literally frozen to the ground many residents unable to leave their homes after what they are calling a drainage issue.</p>

A Saginaw County mobile home community is searching for answers from after their road is shut down because of flooding.

"Instead of getting it pumped they just refused to answer our phone calls, they werenâ??t returning our calls," said Birchwood Farms resident Gordon Harris.

What started as a small flood over the weekend is turning into an icy gridlock in Birchwood Farms.

"In my van the tires are frozen to the ground," said Harris.

Iced in residents tell NBC 25 their concerns are not being answered by management. Management tells NBC 25 they have no comment; however, shortly after our phone calls residents were told the park is taking action to correct the flood.

"Iâ??m not too sure if I should believe them 100 percent," said Harris.

A water pump is taking water out of a nearby pond in hopes of improving the parks drainage. Receding water levels this afternoon are revealing all new issues for Gordon Harris.

"Now there is damage to my home because of this flooding," said Harris.

Harris says his homes foundation could be ruined but he hopes the park will help him with repairs.

"We are asking for help, you are supposed to be taking care of the property and you are not doing anything. Something needs to be done pretty quick," said Harris.

Since making phone calls and visiting the parkâ??s office a pump has been running to get water out of a retention pond on the property. On Monday the water levels on the street have gone down about three inches.