Bishop Airport celebrates expansion

Federal funds paid for 7 of the nearly 17 million dollar expansion.

Hard work, planning and money is making flying out of Bishop Airport a smoother process.

"It is very nice, well laid out. There's a nice flow from the parking lot to getting me into, into the terminal,â?? said flyer Jerry Vanderlaan.

Since the original construction the plan was to make the airport larger to better accommodate passengers.

"This where we are standing there was nothing here. It was just the terminal next to us. But it was designed to add this wing,â?? said Airport Director Jim Rice.

The airport also has a new TSA screening area. Prior to construction there was a small corridor for in and out going passengers.

"Now we have two and a half times that area for outgoing and inbound,â?? said Rice.

Airport officials say with the addition Bishop is a complete package from a restaurant to wifi.

"So there is any other amenity you would have at any large airport,â?? said Rice.

And thatâ??s what many flyers most enjoy about Bishopâ??s new look.

"It's not like those huge airports where you always get lost, I think its pretty good,â?? said flyer Alejandro Arenas.