Bishop Boyea blesses new Powers High

After a decade of hard work, the Powers Catholic High School began a new chapter Thursday as students attended their first full-day of class at a new building.

"It's almost surreal, we've been dreaming about moving forever," said former Powers principal, Tom Furnas.

Students, past and present were joined by Bishop Earl Boyea to officially mark a new chapter for the 44 year-old catholic school.

Furnas said it's been a ten-year project to relocate the school to the former Michigan School of the Deaf.

Officials looked at 25 sites before deciding on renovating and adding to the Court Street location.

"Combination of historical construction, totally renovated, totally up-to-date. Beautiful. Combined with the new structures we've created I just think it's a beautiful setting," said Bill Haley, executive director, Genesee County Catholic Schools.

The new setting and building already drawing 40 additional students this school year.

"We didn't project it to go up that fast, so we're going to do very well here and allows us to be a vital force in people's families and student's lives," said Furnas.

Nearby residents said the relocation is also making a positive community impact.

Matt Soulia can see the new Powers High from his front yard, "I think they have a vision to connect with the community and to be a part of the renewal of what's happening in the city which is a very positive thing."

The school auditorium is still under construction.

Officials said it should be complete in about two weeks.