Bitter cold for the next few nights

Grab a coat, a blanket, really anything because tonight it is getting cold!

The line of arctic air has passed and left us freezing, and continued strong enhancement on the lakes is keeping lake effect snow moving over us a bit longer.

The winds will be the biggest issue.

Winds up to near 20 mph will cause the wind chill to drop to near 0 degrees.

Stay bundled up!

Sundays high is nearly the same as today and the wind will not die down much so a chill will remain through Sunday.

Actually, winds will remain a bit strong through the next 3 days.

Light snow chances remain for the next few days as well, and temperatures will not stay above freezing until next weekend.

Tuesday should give us a "mild" break, then sun by mid-week will help us feel as if it is warmer than it actually is.