Bizzare scene on I-475 in Burton

For motorists on I-475 in Burton, it was like a scene out of a movie.

Some drivers were stopped. Others were doing u-turns. Others put it in reverse and stepped on the gas. All on the expressway.

That was the scene on I-475 near the Bristol Road overpass, where high water blocked both northbound and southbound lanes. Some of the confusion was captured during live report on NBC 25 Today. Strong storms ripped through the area, causing widespread power outages, many fallen trees and in this case, a blocked expressway.

Some motorists tried to avoid the high water by driving on the shoulder. Others stopped and made a beeline to the nearby exit ramp. Some simply put their car in reverse, backing up on the expressway to gain entrance to the ramp. Police agencies advise motorists NOT to drive through standing water: you never know what's under there. For at least a couple of hours, there was no one to advise motorists exactly what to do, as police agencies were busy with other calls.

There are no reports of any injuries associated with the flooded roadway.