Black and white stripes are the new orange at Saginaw County Jail

â??Orange Is The New Blackâ?? may be a television hit but you won't find Saginaw County sheriff William Federspiel binge-watching the prison drama.

â??Iâ??ve never watched a full episode, Iâ??ve got my own reality show here,â?? says Federspiel. The county sheriff says spending time behind bars is no laughing matter.

â??I don't want television to bleed over into real life,â?? says Federspiel.

Thatâ??s why Federspiel's swapping orange jail jumpsuits for a black and white pattern.

â??It doesn't have a connotation of being cool,â?? says Federspiel.

While orange may be in, Federspiel doesn't want his inmates getting the wrong impression.

â??Until there's a new show that's black and white horizontal stripes is the new black, Iâ??m going with this look,â?? says Federspiel.

â??I think orange is becoming a little popular,â?? says Saginaw resident Sabrina Brown.

â??I agree with what he's doing,â?? says Sherry Tucker, a Saginaw resident.

But parolee Michael McGinnis is not happy with the change in wardrobe.

â??I just got out of prison and that's what they made us wear,â?? says McGinnis. He says the new colors are demeaning for inmates.

â??They got us in full body jumpsuits. What's the point in putting us in black and white,â?? questions McGinnis.

â??My heart bleeds for 'em,â?? says Tucker, sarcastically.

â??If you don't like the clothes I give you, don't return,â?? adds Federspiel.

Federspiel expects all inmates to don the garb by the end of the year. He says the county will save about $800 thanks to the switchover.