Blight blitz begins Monday

Broken windows and overgrown grass---Michigan is no stranger to blight but come Monday, vacant homes like the properties on Barth Street will come tumbling down.

It's all thanks to a federal grant to fight blight.

â??Oh, good, that's a blessing,â?? says Linda Prince, who lives on Barth Street. â??I hope they knock â??em all down, every single last one of them,â?? she adds.

The Prince family has called Barth street home for a decade---putting up with unwanted neighbors in the form of vacant homes.

â??It brings the value down,â?? says Prince.

â??I think these houses are eyesores,â?? says Phil Wooten, who also lives on Barth Street. â??There's no inspiration,â?? he adds.

Vacant homes on Barth Street are coming down Monday.

â??Breaking them down will better the neighborhood and better the morale,â?? says Wooten.

The $20 million initiative will eliminate 25-percent of Flint's vacant homes.

â??Itâ??s going to be lovely and maybe we can get new homes around here,â?? says Prince.

The money comes from the U.S. Treasury Departmentâ??s Hardest Hit Fund, an initiative aimed at removing blight in Michiganâ??s largest urban communities.

â??I really believe the neighborhoods can get a little bit better,â?? says Wooten.

And Linda hopes the blight removal will give her great niece a better childhood

â??She can come outside and be peaceful, very peaceful,â?? adds Prince.