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      Blight demolition begins in Saginaw

      A blight blitz is claiming this property on Fulton Street in Saginaw. But now the clean up begins and Saginaw residents are asking the next biggest question.

      "They tearing the houses down but what are they going to do after they tear the houses down," said Saginaw resident Andre Pruitt.

      Residents are saying goodbye to six east Saginaw homes and welcoming a new future. But Andre Pruitt is looking past the rubble, to an empty lot.

      "They grow into fields. There's weeds, are they going to keep it up? If not its going to be the same as the houses," said Pruitt.

      But they city says they're prepared to sell the soon to-be vacant lots.

      "Really itâ??s to get it back on the tax rolls as fast as we can," said Saginaw County Treasurer Timothy Novak.

      Lots are first being offered to nearby residents that have endured the eyesores for years.

      "They are coming up to us asking how we purchase a property. They will maintain them and itâ??s really a win win for everybody," said Novak.

      400 publicly owned properties are being demolished, using less than half of the grant money. The city is using the rest of the federal dollars to address more than 500 privately owned blighted properties.

      "And hopefully acquire some of those demolish those and create green space. Once we clear out the eyesores what can we do next," said Novak.

      And residents say already decided what they want to see.

      "I would love to see low income houses so people have somewhere to say because right now itâ??s tough," said Pruitt.

      The blight blitz is also targeting crime. Neighbors along Fulton Street say without empty homes criminals are not going to have a place to hide. And $750 is being budgets for each demolished home for future care and maintenance to keep criminals away.