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      Blue Thumb pond expo in Saginaw attracts national attraction

      I t maybe Fall but there's one industry already looking ahead to Spring.

      B lue Thumb from Saginaw is a distribution company that also manufactures for the pond and water garden industry.

      V endors from a dozen states attended their expo show Thursday.

      T hey got a chance to learn about the latest trends in pond building.

      "I t's a good day for our customers to come in and learn tech service type specifications on products the retailers get to learn about new products that are ava ila ble for purchase come the following year and they place their orders for delivery for next spring , " says Blue Thumb owner Kip Northrup.

      H ome owners who want to add a water feature in their back yard can also get in on the action.

      B lue Thumb offers a retail store right on premises and is located at 5327 North Michigan Road in Saginaw. (989) 430-3009