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      Bluew trial opening statements and witnesses questioned

      Jenny Webb??s best friend Andrea King testified in court today saying Jenny was excited and couldn??t wait for the birth of her first child.

      A packed courtroom heard opening arguments from the prosecution and defense.

      ??He killed Jenny Webb and made it look like something it wasn??t and that person ladies and gentlemen is that man right there, Kenneth Bluew,?? said Saginaw County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jeffery Stroud.

      The prosecution opened with a description of Webb and Bluew??s relationship and the events of August 30th, 2011 leading up to Webb??s death.

      The defense countered with accusations of misleading information and that Webb was a young lady having conflicts in her life.

      ??So many details don??t quite fit. Don??t let your emotions find this man guilty of what he didn??t do,?? said Bluew??s attorney Rod O??Farrell.

      After lunch prosecutor Michael Thomas questioned Webb??s best friend, Andrea King. An emotional King quickly stomped the defenses accusations saying, ??she was not depressed, loved her job and couldn??t wait to be a mom.??

      James Aaronberg and David Sciann were also brought in for questioning about seeing a Buena Vista Police cruiser the night Webb died. Both men were at the time affiliated with a business a short distance away from where Webb??s body was found.

      The trial is expected to continue tomorrow in circuit court.