Blustery, snowy Sunday and an Arctic punch this week

Tonight will be chilly, that much is certain, but next week is much colder.

Sunday brings in scattered snow showers later in the day, and this will be an issue.

Winds on Sunday should remain in the 15-20 mph range which means once the snow showers start by late morning, blowing snow will decrease visibility a great deal.

However, accumulations should not reach any higher than 1 inch, mostly focused around a dusting.

Tuesday should be the first day of the arctic air, and once again this is NOT a Polar Vortex.

The Polar Vortex is a real thing, but it is not a storm, an arctic storm, or something the country sees as a seperate entity from other winter systems.

Basically it is a hat high up in the atmosphere that is always over the north pole and if the pole gets a bit warm a piece breaks off and swings over us, exactly what happened last time and what will happen this time to a far lesser extent.

This air does bring the issue of sub-zero windchills all over again, and that brings an issue all its own.

School closings, how will the cold air affect those?

Well on average schools seem to close when the temperature with wind chill reaches -20, something we can expect this week.

But, this is not always the case, and doesn't have to be, especially when many districts have used up nearly if not all of their allowed days off this year with so much of the winter left.

The cold is something that can shift with the slightest amount of air, so we need to watch it closely.

Same thing with districts in our area.

While I do not expect there to be many closings, cold air like this is actually never normal for our area.

Normal for us any winter is 15 degrees this time of year for a low, big difference in temperatures there.

Good news is we warm back up the coming weekend and should get another inch or so of snow.

Considering the drought that is out west, and how low the Great Lakes were this past year, any moisture we get is welcome and much needed.

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