Board member says Flint schools in dire financial mess

Flint school board member David Davenport

Flint schools were facing a mire of financial troubles until the school board approved a budget with deep cuts this past June, but one school board member says they aren't enough.

An audit presented to the board Wednesday night estimates the $4 million shortfall projected last year is closer to $11 million.

Board members approved a deficit reduction plan during the summer, which included more than 200 layoffs, outsourcing non-instructional services and closing down four schools. Back in September, Flint teachers agreed to a seven-percent pay cut.

Board Member David Davenport says all of those measures don't add up to long-term financial health.

â??It's going to have to start at the top. I think that clearly the leadership needs to be changed before this can change. Someone gets in office that knows what they're doing as far as the district can handle the deficit."

Davenport said Wednesday a state-appointed emergency financial manager is perhaps the only way to get the district out of the red.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 21.