Body of missing Flint mother found in Monroe County

Tanisha Coltonâ??s family is calling off their search efforts after her body is recovered from a ditch in rural Monroe County.

After a week of searching around Tanisha Coltonâ??s neighborhood, the mother of three's body is found by passerby in Monroe Counties Ash Township, putting an end to what her family call's a nightmare.

"I have the closure now, because she is here even though she is not... She is here,â?? said Coltonâ??s Grandmother Ida Nappier.

After identifying Coltonâ??s body at the Wayne County medical examiner's office the family is waiting for an autopsy tomorrow to find a specific cause of death.

"The main thing is the family wants to move on with their lives and provide closure," said Sheldon Banks from Serenity Funeral Chapel.

The Michigan State Police are treating the case as a homicide and say they have a person of interest but have not identified the person.

Police say this man; Henry Conner was last seen with Colton and is jailed for unrelated charges.

The family says Connor was both abusive and controlling.

"She didn't know what to do she didnâ??t know how to come to anyone she could have come to us," said Nappier.

Colton's grandmother Ida Nappier is hopeful for answers and is focusing on being strong for a large family.

"I have to be strong for my daughter, I have to be strong for my grandkids," said Nappier.

The family is in the process of setting up funeral arrangements but has set up a funeral donation account with Citizenâ??s Bank in Flint.

The account is for the Tanisha Colton Funeral Fund and account #4537797880.