Boil water advisory issued for parts of the City of Fenton

The City of Fenton has issued a boil water advisory for a portion of the city due to a water main break.

The areas affected are anyone living off of Trealout Street, including Crestmont Care Center, and Crestview Apartments. Also those living on Fenton Commons, and the Appletree subdivision including the streets of Appletree, Swanee Beach, Orchard Lake, and South Long Lake.

These are the only areas under the water advisory. Residents in those areas should boil their water for at least the next 48 hours.

A water main break was discovered on Trealout Street on Wednesday. City crews were hopeful that they could fix the break without depressurizing the system, but were unable to do so. The result is that Thursday the crews had to shutdown the water main in order to make the repairs.

This resulted in low water pressure for residents in the area.

The low water pressure also creates a risk for contamination in the water supply. It is not known if any contamination took place, though tests are being run. These tests take 48 hours to complete.

Residents should boil their drinking or cooking water vigorously for at least five minutes before using or drinking.

Once 48 hours has passed, residents are asked to call Fenton City Hall at 810-629-2261 in order to see if they can stop boiling the water.