Bone marrow hero surprises Grand Blanc teen girl cancer survivor

Every four minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukemia and lymphoma and other life threatening diseases.

Sixteen-year-old Emma Hudson from Grand Blanc reminds us how happiness can be a choice, despite the hardship life may bring.

"I'm 16-years
old and I'm survivor, surviving leukemia," says Emma Hudson to a crows at Hurley Medical Center during her survival celebration.

When Emma was eleven-years old, she learned she had cancer. A type of Leukemia that is most resistant to chemotherapy.

Her battle to live had begun. But one thing hadn't chang
ed, her spirit.

"She's always been a very old soul, she's always had that extra something special about her that sets her above the rest
says Emma's mom, Kelli Hudson.

"Why worry about something you can't change. I was given two choices, to lay on the couch and mope about something that could possibly take my life or get up, fight it, and live because there's nothing else that I can do
," says Emma.

All the intense chemotherapy and radiation wasn't enough.

She needed a bone marrow transplant. Little did she know that life line would fly in from Texas.

"I would do it again in a heart beat. I don't recall pain or discomfort or any reason not to do it.
says George Schmitz, Emma's donor.

, who was a perfect match had registered with Be The Match ten years prior at the age of 18.

The two had only communicated on FaceBook until an emotional surprise visit to Michigan during Emma's survival celebration put on by Hurley Medical Center.

hese days Emma is doing well, and dreaming about her future helping others as a nurse.

o walk into a room of someone my age or someone littler and look at their parents and say I know this is hard but it's possible."