BOOM! Genesee Towers to be imploded

Genesee Towers

In a mater of moments, the Genesee Towers will come crashing to the ground on a Sunday in July. Oh, the memories.

The head of Uptown Reinvestments, who's also the head of the Flint-Genesee Chamber of Commerce, Tim Herman tells MLive/Flint Journal the landmark will be imploded. It would be razed by the time the Crim Festival of Races occurs in August. Financing isn't complete.

The building, a part of Flint's skyline for 44 years, has been controversial to say the least. It's best known as the Genesee Bank Building, then later as the Flint headquarters for NBD. But when they left, it soon fell into disrepair. It was aquirred by a Flint doctor. Several lawsuits occured. Later the city bought it from him. He made a hefty profit. Flint taxpayers were left to pick up the 9 million dollar tab. The fees were tacked-on their property tax bills.

The city tried to market the building, but Mayor Dayne Walling said nobody wanted it. So the decision was made to sell it to Uptown Reinvestment for 1 dollar. Some local pastors complained taxpayers got the short end of the stick on that one.

Uptown plays to redevelop that section of downtown Flint. The site would become an "urban plaza". It would be part of a 32 million dollar redevelopment project, that would include a new Flint Farmers Market and an MSU Medical School inside the old Flint Journal Building.