Boxing heads to Saginaw to clean up the city

An empty Saginaw gym is being transformed into a boxing gym. But the gym doesn't require a monthly membership fee rather community service hours from the city's youth.

"When they come and register to box Iâ??m also going to have it that they sign a little contract with me that they go out and do four hours of community service a month," said Efrain Garcia.

The Saginaw Boxing Club hopes to take the cityâ??s youth from the streets into the gym where they can grow into men.

"Also they are going to have to punch in a time clock when they get here to the gym. They are going to have sanctions if they punch in late to the gym sanctions if they leave early. This is going to teach them prepare them for job careers," said Garcia.

The Saginaw Boxing Club plans on opening December 2, 2013.

For more information contact Efrain Garcia at (989)890-1115.