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      Boyfriend charged in murder of 20-year-old girl found dead while house-sitting

      The boyfriend of the 20-year-old girl who was found dead while house-sitting has been charged with murder.

      Nineteen-year-old Kenneth Carl Grondin III was charged Friday morning in Lapeer County in connection with the death of Andrea Eilber.

      Eilber TMs body was found at a home on Kings Mill Road in Mayfield Township early Wednesday morning.

      "Her body was found slumped over in a chair and we do know he (Grondin) knew she was house-sitting and he would know how to gain access to the home," says Lapeer County prosecutor Byron Konschuh.

      Eilber had been house-sitting for a relative. Her family became concerned and contacted law enforcement Tuesday night when she hadn TMt contacted them in a while.

      Michigan State Police visited the home, but couldn TMt make contact with Eilber. Several hours later they found her car abandoned at the Lapeer State Game Area on Five Lakes Road.

      They later found her body at the home on Kings Mill Road.

      Grondin III is being held without bond at this time. Anyone with information is still asked to call Michigan State Police at 810-664-2906.