Boy's mother, two others, arraigned in Facebook beating video case

<font size="2">Uteas Taylor</font>

Three people were arraigned today on charges of child abuse in connection to the Facebook video of a child being beaten.

The mother of the child, 28-year-old Demitria Powell along with 42-year-old Uteas Taylor, and 39-year-old Stefon Felton, all from Flint, were charged with 3rd degree child abuse, conspiracy to commit child abuse in the 3rd degree, and 3rd degree child abuse committed in the presence of another child.

In the 6-minute video, the 11-year-old boy is smacked in the face and hit with a belt more than 50 times.

At least three adults and one infant were present in the room at the time of the beating. On the video, the adults said the boy was being punished for putting false statements on his own Facebook page. The video was shared over 1,000 times before being taken down.

The 11-year-old boy and the infant are both in protective custody.

"The adults in this case clearly went beyond what is a reasonable level of â??parental discipline,â??" said Prosecutor Leyton. "What the video in this case reveals is a group of adults whose actions were a criminal assault against a child and that behavior cannot be condoned nor allowed under the law," he said.