Brick chicken: YUM!

Chef Jody Brunori

Chef Jody Brunori has cooked a chicken or 2 in her time. She grew up in Canada at the apron-strings of her grandma.That gave her a passion to cook. But chicken? How can anybody liven up the bird?

Chef Jody shows us how with one of her signature dishes she prepares at The Laundry in Fenton. It's Brick Chicken.

Jody says it's all about the brine. Soak the chcken in a bring mixture for 6 to 12 hours. Overnight is fine. Jody puts a lot into her brine, including salt,spices, garlic and lemon.

After the brine-soak, slow cook it to perfection. It has crispy skin and succulent meat. Se cooked it on a stove-top, but it works just as good on a grill. Serve it on a bed of smahed potatoes and fres-cooked kale, and you have a healthy meal perfect for summer.