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      Bridge closures effective immediately

      The Bay County Road Commission is closing several bridges across the county due to potential erosion caused by flood waters. The bridges will remain closed until the water in the drainage course recedes and an inspection can be completed to determine if any structural damage occurred.

      Beaver Township1. Nine Mile Road over the N. Branch of the Kawkawlin River, north of Parish Road, Bridge #716

      Fraser Township1. Seven Mile Road over Tebo Drain, immediately north of Erickson, Bridge #7032. Erickson Road over Tebo Drain, immediately west of Seven Mile Road, Bridge #6893. Mackinaw Road over Johnson Drain, immediately south of Townline 16, Bridge #707Gibson Township1. Saganing Road over Saganing Creek, between Eight Mile & Nine Mile, Bridge #695Pinconning Township1. Fraser Road over the Pinconning River, north of Neuman Road, Bridge #741Mt. Forest Township1. Garfield Road over the Pinconning River, between Neuman and Townline 16, Bridge #700Bay County Road Commission at 989-686-4610.