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      Bridgeport MRSA Latest

      C leaning crews are busy this weekend cleaning at Bridgeport high school after a possible case of MRSA. Students were sent home early yesterday. Bridgeport high school is off limits to anyone except cleaning crews this weekend.

      A larm started friday after a male student was diagnosed with a possible case of MRSA.

      Resident Debbie Peterson says, " I 'm glad they caught it fast but i'm just wondering what they're going to do from here on in."

      MRSA is a bacterium responsible for several drug resistant infections in humans. Resistance makes the MRSA infection more difficult to treat with standard types of antibiotics and thus more dangerous which may explain why students were sent home early Friday.

      Resident Jamie Smith also says, " T hey called home at 12:30 and said that they were sending the high schoolers home because they had a MRSA outbreak and they were going to clean up the school as a kind of precaution."

      W hile the single case is still unconfirmed administrators took no chances with the other 500 students that attend here. The entire campus including buses will have to thoroughly scrubbed down.

      M ost often MRSA causes mild infections on the skin, causing sores or boils. It can also infect the blood, lungs or urinary tract. The super bug can be so dangerous because of its resistance to antibiotics. Parents of students are alarmed but glad the district is being proactive.