Brief warm-up causes basement flooding, tease for spring

"We've had flooding problems here since I've been here and its been over 20 years I've been here" says Dave Pfeiffer of Flint Township.

Dave says every spring is the same, a flooded yard, shed, and crawl-space.

He says the recent brief thaw was a close call.

"I'm fortunate that it's slowing down cause I was looking at the yard this morning, heard it all night, I'm lucky I've only got water up to my shed, but not in my shed" he says.

The Pfeiffers live in a cull-de-sac, and being so low brings the water rushing in.

Dave says drainage ditches were put in to fix the problem, but he says the new lines have done nothing to stop his neighborhood from flooding.

"I would really like to have this culvert out here fixed right at the road, the county owns it, they need to fix it" says Pfeiffer.

When basements flood, there are technicians residents can call to both clean-up and repair the damage; one of which is Goyette Mechanical.

"We have a team of 8 technicians on call when we aren't open and we have multiple technicians ready when we are open" says Mike Anson, a tech with Goyette.

Mike says making sure the foundation is crack free, or has any cracks filled in, goes a long way to stopping the water.

"The big thing is to make sure the water has ample room to move away from your house" he says.

There are several ways to prevent flooding in the first place:

-Clear ice and snow away from your foundation, and have a path for water to flow away form your home.

-Before the season starts, check your foundation for any cracks below the dirt, and patch any you or a technician find.

-Have a de-humidifier in your basement to keep the area dry and pull moisture out of the air.