Buena Vista board asks clerk to resign after racial slur controversy

The Buena Vista Township clerk is being asked to step down from her elected post, this time by her colleagues.

Nearly a week after defending herself on record, Gloria Platkoâ??s apology incited dozens of comments.

â??I think she has been a racist wolf in sheep's clothing,â?? one resident said during a special board of trustees meeting Tuesday.

Residents came out in force, telling trustees that Platko's use of the "N" word to describe Township Supervisor Dwayne Parker during a recorded January phone call was intentional and that her public apology was too shallow.

Terry Pruitt of the Saginaw NAACP said, â??The plan and the recommendation that we have simply is this - Ms. Platko steps aside,â??

A few residents defended the clerk, who was elected to a four-year term in November. But Platko herself was absent as Parker broke his silence before the public.

â??It's a hurtful thing to be accused or called that,â?? Parker said. â??I grew up in the 60s so Iâ??m very much aware of what it means.â??

Parker joined four of his colleagues in publicly censuring Platko and passing a resolution asking her to step down from her post. Treasurer Christina Dillard cast the only opposing vote.

Parker said he forgives Platko and accepts her apology and added that he just wants to move forward.

â??I find [Buena Vista] Township more important than the words that were spoken of a colleague,â?? he said, leaving the ball in Platkoâ??s clerk. Platkoâ??s term expires in 2016.