Buena Vista board discuss pending lawsuit filed by fired police chief

He was fired as the chief of police in Buena Vista Township in February 2012 and sued the township shortly thereafter.

Thursday evening, talks surrounding the legal battle between former police chief Brian Booker and the township board are far from over.

Board members discussed the pending lawsuit behind closed doors during a special meeting.

Township Supervisor Dwayne Parker said there will be more meetings before the board takes any action.

In the lawsuit filed last April, Booker claimed the township violated the Whistleblower Protection Act when then-township manager Bregitte Braddock fired him.

Parker asked residents to be patient as board trustees work with legal counsel and move forward with the matter.

â??We're going to continue the best, optimum level of public safety, both police and fire, we're going to provide the services as it relates to the municipal government,â?? Parker said.

The township also faces a lawsuit filed by interim police chief Sean Waterman. Board members will have a facilitation meeting with their attorney Feb. 28.