Buena Vista neighbors look to recall Gloria Platko

There's a new effort in Buena Vista Township to recall township clerk Gloria Platko. This comes after her refusal to resign after the township board formally passed a resolution Tuesday night asking her to step down.

Gloria Platko says she's not going anywhere.

â??These people (Buena Vista residents) put me here for a reason,â?? says Platko. â??I'm here to do a job,â?? she adds.

The Buena Vista township board has censured Platko, also asking her to step down as township clerk and to attend sensitivity classes.

â??I'll do some of this stuff they're talking about,â?? says Platko, referring to the sensitivity classes.

But Terry Pruitt, first vice president of the Saginaw chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People says classes won't cut it.

â??From this point forward, it's either the decision of Mrs. Platko to step down or it's the decision of the Buena Vista voters to recall her,â?? says Pruitt.

â??The N.A.A.C.P. needs to stay out of Buena Vista. You've divided us, you've done a really good job of dividing us,â?? says Platko,

In a phone conversation, Platko was recorded calling town supervisor, Dwayne Parker, the n-word.

Platko continues to apologize for offending people but insists she didn't mean to use the word in a harmful way.

â??Its a word and it's in the dictionary,â?? says Platko. â??Now if you don't want anyone to use it, then you better have it taken out of the dictionary,â?? she adds.

Platkoâ??s term as township clerk ends in 2016. A recently passed law bans voters from recalling elected officials with four year terms in their first and final years of their term.

That means if Platko is recalled, it will have to wait until 2014.